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The Holy Grail of Health

The more I read the less I know.

I am very interested in human health.  One gets interested in human health when one has been sick.  I have coeliac disease, the autoimmune disease where I cannot digest the protein gluten, found in wheat, rye, barley and oats.  If I eat gluten, my body doesn’t realise it’s a ‘harmless food’ and instead sees it as a foreign invader, sending out its protective army to attack the invader, which just so happens to be the villi in my small intestine.  Not such a big deal except for the small fact that the villi are the ones who take up all the nutrients from my food. The only ‘cure’ currently for coeliac is strict lifetime adherence to a gluten-free diet.

Anyway, I found all this out when I was about 23. Up until the age of 17 I was never sick, so I thought, but from this age on I progressively got worse till I got to the point where pretty much anything I ate made me sick with severe stomach pains, not to mention the severe headaches, fatigue, moodiness.  You can read more about coeliac here.

So that is a very brief background about my own sickness and why I am interested in human health. I figure that once you have been so sick, you kinda start to take an interest.  After going gluten free, things were definitely rosier.  I started to feel like what ‘normal’ people felt like.  But I am always chasing the holy grail of health.  For me, that means no fatigue, no stomach distress, no mood swings, no headaches.  Yeah right you say, that ain’t possible. But I believe it is, I know it is, as I have met people like this.  There are people in my family like this.  And its started me on this health journey I’m on, partly why I am writing this blog, to connect to others our there who are looking for this type of health too.

In some ways I feel like a reverse dieter, in that I try every so called healthy diet out there to see if it is ‘the one for me’, much like someone who is trying to lose weight tries so many different diets. Losing weight has never been a problem for me, but rather, gaining weight seems a bit of a mystery.

I have been a big fan of the paleo diet (low carb) and community for a while.  I am an avid reader of Mark’s Daily Apple, and have also read Primal Body Primal Mind by Nora Gedgaudas.  Up til recently, I was convinced, CONVINCED I tell you that this was the way to go for optimum health.  BUT THEN. I started reading a fascinating blog called Butter Believer  (This post is linked to Sunday School at Butter Believer) who seemed to share so many of my thoughts on health. And the author started mentioning crazy things like carbs being ok, and white flour occasionally is all right.  What?? Since when? At first I wanted to bail out and stop reading, but my curiosity was piqued.  The author mentioned a book called Diet Recovery by Matt Stone, who has a very confronting (for a low-carber like me) blog called 180Degree health.  And a 180degree is what my brain is currently doing. According to Matt Stone, carbs are OK. Healthful even.  And that we need to raise our body temperature to combat illness, and to do this we need to go through an initial period of ‘overfeeding’ on whatever we like as long as it’s QUALITY (excluding sugar in all of its forms, that seems to be the only universal truth on health I have found). I have low temperatures. I am always cold.  I am not ‘perfectly healthy’. Could this be worth checking out?

So there you have it. The more I read the less I know. I encourage you to check out Matt Stone or Stephan Guyenet’s blog.  As well as any from the Paleo community. What do you think? What is your idea of health? What foods work for you?


Life On The Land

Hi all! My very first post. I think it’s appropriate to start with a picture of our very own little paradise.

We were out checking the cattle this morning and it was time to stop for a coffee break, or ‘smoko’ as we call it.  The cattle are very quiet and come in for a look.  I couldn’t resist taking this picture to show the company we had while having my cuppa!

It looks like my mug is sitting on a keyboard, but it is actually the back of the 4-wheeler bike.

My family and I manage 3700ha of land in beautiful Queensland, Australia.  We aim to holistically manage our land and I totally believe that the way our food is grown is intrinsically linked to our health.  Our animals live in their natural environment, eating grass like they are supposed to. Ok, so in this photo there is not exactly grass underfoot – we were in a little forest area – but we have plenty of leaf litter on the ground which is very important.

Throughout my blog I will be writing a lot about food, especially all food which is very nourishing and perhaps a little different to what a ‘mainstream’ diet is today. Such as Kefir, Kombucha, home made Yogurt, Sauerkraut and other fermented foods.  I feel I have a unique perspective on where our food comes from by living and working in the agricultural industry. I will also be writing about how we manage our land and cattle, using Holistic Management .  We have just started this exciting new journey.

I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions! Does anyone else live on a property?   How far away are you from where your food is grown?

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